Gary A. Thompson, MD

“My 30 years plus path in the profession of medicine has educated me through experiences, research, and observation. I feel and see the impact of lifestyle on health. By adopting a healthier lifestyle, surgery and medications may not be necessary and we will have shifted an American paradigm. By sharing potential issues with medications and surgeries, you and I come to a partnership decision on the path to take.”
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Midtown Family Medicine Staff

Dr. Gary Thompson and the Midtown Family Medicine team have over fifty years combined healthcare experience in the greater Kansas City community. While our experience is key to your healthcare future, we also strive to continually expand our knowledge, education and technological base, to ensure you receive top-quality healthcare services.

Peggy Schmidtlein, APRN

Peggy received her undergraduate degree in nursing from the University of Missouri and practiced for 9 years as a wound care specialist.  She received her graduate degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City where she earned board certification as a family nurse practitioner.  As a APRN, Peggy has worked with a variety of clients, including the underserved/immigrant community and young adults in a student health clinic.  She especially enjoys teaching and encouraging clients to achieve optimum health through prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.
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Sydney Sigler , APRN

Sydney's personal philosophy of health care delivery is based on the premise that health is less about being absent from disease and dysfunction and more about perception of health and wellness-living life with maximum vitality and meaning. Chiefly, she believes strongly in health promotion and disease prevention in the form of developing healthy everyday habits that positively impact one’s overall quality of life. Empowering her patients with knowledge, tools, and motivation uniquely useful to individual needs and beliefs is central to her goal as a health care provider.
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Patient Centered Medical Home

Midtown Family Medicine is on the road to becoming your Patient Centered Medical Home.  To learn more about how our status as a Patient Centered Medical Home will benefit you, please visit our Patient Centered Medical Home webpage, by clicking here.

Comprehensive Care

Our care is comprehensive.  We manage babies from birth through pediatric years including adolescence, onto young adults, middle age, retirement and through geriatrics. 

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