Midtown Family Medicine - Time for the flu vaccine


Midtown Family Medicine recommends getting your flu shot in October or November for optimal protection. The flu vaccine is effective two weeks after being administered. What most people don’t realize is that your immune system loses seven per cent of the effectiveness each month after that. Flu season runs from around December 15th through the end of March and even into April. Sporadically we do see the flu before mid December. Getting the flu shot before October will mean you will lose some of its effectiveness during some of the peak times of flu in March. We encourage our patients to get their flu shot at our office.  We are confident of the vaccine we are using and in our administration procedures.

We have same-day openings and you can always schedule a wellness visit in addition to getting your flu shot and if you have questions about your measles coverage we can assist with that as well. The CDC has new recommendations regarding measles for adults. 

It is also back-to-school time and we have the full spectrum of vaccines for school children.

Gary Thompson, MD - September 29, 2019