Your First Visit to Midtown Family Medicine

Thank you for choosing Midtown Family Medicine!

On your first visit to Midtown Family Medicine, you can park in our free parking lot directly adjacent to our building.  Midtown Family Medicine’s parking and entrance are on the west side of our building, and you can easily access us by traveling west on 34th Street from Broadway to our Washington Street parking lot.  Our parking lot is directly adjacent to our entrance.  We encourage you to arrive fifteen minutes early so that we can quickly process your paperwork and prepare you for your visit.

When you step through our front door, you will be greeted by Cherie, Dee and Shirley, our front desk staff.  If you bring your children, we hope you will take advantage of our children’s reading room, just adjacent to our waiting room!

Cherie and Dee will assist you in processing your paperwork to ensure a comprehensive visit with your practitioner.  When you visit, please bring with you:

  • A photo form of identification
  • Your insurance or medical card
  • A comprehensive list of your prescriptions, including the name of each medication, the frequency in which you take it, and your prescribed dosage
  • A list of physicians and other medical professional you have seen within the past year
  • Any medical reports or medical information you think is important to your visit


We want your visit to be comfortable and meaningful.  Please let us know if you have any special concerns or issues that you would like us to address.  Any and all information that you share with us is confidential, protected by HIPAA, and can only be released with your permission.


Once your paperwork is processed, our nursing professionals, Ebony, Calandra or Christian will escort you to one of our exam rooms.  They will take your vitals, such as your blood pressure, temperature, and weight, and ask you a few basic questions.  When our nurses complete their work, they will pass along your information to Dr. Thompson, Peggy or Sydney.


Midtown Family Medicine is dedicated to treating the person, not the ailment.  On your first visit, your provider will interview you to learn more about you, your life, your behaviors and your goals.  We do this because often an ailment has many different sources.  And, Midtown Family Medicine is committed to providing you with the best available support and plans to reach your goals.  We encourage you to ask any and all questions of us, as well!


Once you have completed your consultation, please make sure to stop by the front desk.  Our front desk team will be happy to assist you if a payment is necessary, if you need to schedule another appointment, or address any additional questions that you may have.


If you have questions before or after your appointment, please feel free to contact us at (816) 756-5839.






Patient Centered Medical Home

Midtown Family Medicine is on the road to becoming your Patient Centered Medical Home.  To learn more about how our status as a Patient Centered Medical Home will benefit you, please visit our Patient Centered Medical Home webpage, by clicking here.