Locating Vaccines in the Metropolitan Area


Intended only to help navigate through the Kansas City Metro Area vaccine distribution channels, primarily through the private sector pharmacies. 

An engaging discussion regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine by W. Kamau Bell and Black Health Care Workers

Hello Black America! with W. Kamau Bell & Black Health Care Workers (4:58


MFM is not able to obtain vaccine for COVID-19 from the state of Missouri.  See our Ripples page for details.  I have also attached a url to a recent article from Healio regarding primary care offices and the vaccine.

"Many primary care practices excluded from COVID-19 vaccine rollout efforts" .... Please copy and paste this URL into your browser ...  https://www.healio.com/news/primary-care/20210211/many-primary-care-practices-excluded-from-covid19-vaccine-rollout-efforts