COVID-19 Update July 26th

At MFM we continue to screen for symptoms of COVID-19 and we are not seeing patients in the office with risks of the virus.  We are practicing CDC and medical recommendations to prevent exposure.  Masks are mandatory, we check temperatures and ask patients to wash their hands prior to entering the office.   

Below is a link to an article from Science News.  The article covers our current state on vaccine development.  There are 180 vaccines under development.  I will be watching this science and evaluating the options, safety and effectiveness as the processes evolve.  Being first out of the gate without adequate safety information and transparency is not a process that will work or one I will support.  It seems that a vaccine is the best option for allowing us to return to a prepandemic life.  We have no treatments that prevent or help early on in an infection.  MFM currently has one patient on a ventilator with COVID-19.  Others have been infected ... many others.  Stay safe with wearing masks in respect to others and avoid higher risk activities.

July 26, 2020 - 0930 - Gary Thompson, MD

Risk level for infection from COVID 19

From hair salons to gyms, experts rank 36 activities by coronavirus risk level

Four Michigan public health experts assess the risk various activities pose to spreading coronavirus.  Dr. Matthew Sims, Beaumont Health director of infectious disease research, Dr. Dennis Cunningham, McLaren Health Care medical director for infection prevention, Dr. Mimi Emig, retired infectious disease specialist with Spectrum Health, Dr. Nasir Husain, Henry Ford Macomb medical director for infection prevention.

The list, below, assigns a score for activities from 1 to 10, with a 10 being the riskiest and a 1 being the least risky. The score is an average of scores given by the health experts, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Risk Level:

9 - Bars

8 - Buffets, Sports stadiums, Gyms, Amusement parks, Churches

7 - Basketball, Public pools

6 - Casinos, Restaurants - indoor seating, Playgrounds, Hair salons - barber shops, Pontoon boat rides, Movie theaters

5 - Dinner parties at a house - indoors, Airplanes, Backyard BBQ's, Malls, Beaches, Bowling

4 - Dentist's offices, Walking in a busy downtown, Offices, Doctor's waiting rooms, Eating outside at a restaurant

3 - Getting groceries, Camping, Hotels, Golfing, Museums, Libraries

2 - Going for a run - walk - or ride with others, Getting fuel

1 - Getting takeout from a restaurant, Playing tennis